Tow-Bii 2 Trailer

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An innovative trailer designed for motorcycles and cars, offering unparalleled travel freedom.

Crafted entirely from anodized aluminum, this trailer ensures unmatched durability. Its fenders are coated with Line-X, an ultra-resistant material that easily withstands scratches and impacts.

The Tow-Bii trailer represents a true masterpiece of ingenuity, versatility, and practicality. It seamlessly adapts to various leisure activities while accommodating all your gear. With exceptional stability and suspensions, it ensures optimal safety and impeccable road handling, making it the ideal choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Easily load your bike, kayak, paddleboard, golf equipment, or luggage, and embark on journeys where freedom meets comfort. You'll appreciate every moment of your trips more than ever before.

Product Specifications



Length 69 in  •  1 750 mm
Width 42.5 in • 1 080 mm
18 in  •  457 mm
Wingspan of trailer 30 in  •  762 mm
Weight 55 lb  •  24,94 kg
Aluminum alloy wheel 10 in  •  254 mm
Tires 3.00-10
Maximum load 600 lb  •  272 kg
Trailer hitch 1 7/8 in 
Maximum speed limit 110 km/h (68 MHP)