Combo - Trailer with Supports for Kayak & Bike

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Discover a new level of freedom and practicality with our Tow-Bii trailer combo, including 1 bike rack, 1 set of 2 kayak/paddleboard racks, 1 universal rack, and an extension, designed for motorcycles and cars.


Crafted from anodized aluminum, this trailer ensures unmatched durability. Its Line-X-coated fenders resist scratches and impacts. A true masterpiece of ingenuity, the Tow-Bii trailer adapts seamlessly to various leisure activities, offering exceptional stability and impeccable road handling. Easily load your bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards for trips where freedom meets comfort. Assembled 100% in Quebec, Canada, it embodies quality and robustness.

The bike racks attach quickly and protect the frame without contact. Compatible with all types of bikes, they are easy to install on the trailer. The kayak and paddleboard racks allow for the safe transport of equipment up to 14 feet long. The kayak/paddleboard extension ensures safe and easy transport.



Transform your travels with our Tow-Bii trailer combo and racks, the perfect ally for outdoor enthusiasts.



  • 1 Trailer
  • 2 Kayak/Paddle Board Racks
  • 1 Universal Bike Rack
  • 1 Kayak/Paddle Board Extension
  • 1 Universal Support


Be the first to use Tow-Bii trailers in North America!

***Available in June 2024***